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For easy reference, a handy-dandy list of my stories. This will be kept updated on an as-released-to-the-public basis.

Strangers on a Train. A challenge fic. Gibbs from NCIS, Myka from W13, Orion from Chuck, and Daniel and Vala from SG-1. On a train. PG. 3253 words.

Warehouse 13
Comment Fic: A Twist and Echolocation. - Two ficlets, the prompts being "Mrs. Frederic/Yes Ma'am" and "Must contain Pete yelling the word 'Chicks!'", respectively.

Fourth Wall. Prompt: "Artifact: Alfred Hitchcock's camera. (Don't shoot home movies of someone you'd really rather didn't die horribly with it.)" PG. 14,194 words.

Doctor Who
Time Out of Mind. Summary: "Can you miss what you can't remember? Sometimes the heart holds on long after the mind lets go." Donna Noble post series four. G. 2252 words.

Stowaways. Summary: "We hold onto keepsakes so we don't let go of memories." Post BDM. G. 1851 words.

A Rememberin' Mood. Summary: "Sometimes, Zoe gets in a remembering mood." Post BDM. PG. 1352 words.

Five Times Castle and Beckett Pretended to Make Out (and One Time It Was For Realsies). Beckett/Castle. PG for smooching. 7050 words.

Stargate Atlantis
A Fruit Tree in Winter. Summary: "Teyla reflects on the people of Earth." Character study. Immediately post-pilot. PG. 920 words.

Those Who Belong. Summary: "For those who belong nowhere, and for those who belong to one place too much to belong anywhere else." Set during "The Return" (3.10-3.11) while the team is (temporarily) back on Earth. PG. 2403 words.

The Color of Wheat. Summary: "Vignettes of moments between Teyla and John. 'I get something,' the fox said, 'because of the color of wheat.'" Spans series. PG. 7565 words.

Stargate SG-1
A Hundred and One. Summary: "Laira wasn't the only one left behind when Jack returned to Earth from Edora. But Jack doesn't know that." Set during S6. PG. 1918 words.

So Comes Love. Summary: "A version of how Daniel and Vala, with a little nudge from Teal'c, finally get together." Daniel/Vala. Post-series. PG. 3770 words.

The Way the World Ends. Summary: "The path taken by the people of Talthus, as seen through the life of Keenin." PG. 921 words.

Close Quarters. Summary: "The team, captured off-world, pass the time until escape or rescue come their way." Team. Post-series. PG. 1466 words.

Grill Mates. SG1Friendathon. Prompt: "Jack, Sam: Sam is secretly an expert at barbecuing." S5. G. 1676 words.

Comparing Notes. Drabble. Summary: "Cam and John, enjoying a few beers and a bit of downtime, compare what their respective teams have been through." Set post-series for both. G. 306 words.

The Tactical Advantage of Insulting One's Enemies. Summary: "Jack and Teal'c - Teaching Jack how to curse in Goa'uld." Set in the early seasons. PG. 1807 words.

Bygones and Proper Introductions. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Daniel, Teal'c. Early season 1: the first time they put aside anger/guilt and tried friendship." PG. 1603 words.

Daniel Descending. Summary: "Daniel comes back to Earth, one memory at a time. Contains: the team helping Daniel remember, a dinner party, Star Wars, and - of course - cake." Team. S7. PG. 2900 words.

Penitent. Summary: "He did not return to the hero's welcome he had anticipated when he left." Tomin. Post-The Ark of Truth. PG. 1027 words.

Missing in Action. Summary: "Vala is worried about Daniel being in Adria's clutches, but she doesn't know Daniel's history the way Cam does." Cam and Vala. S10. PG. 2015 words.

Civil Union. Summary: "The team visits a peaceful planet, but runs into a bit of a hassle concerning Sam and local customs." Team. PG. 1408 words.

In the Shadow of Giants. Summary: "There are many heroes at the SGC who do not wear the SG-1 patch." PG-13. 4410 words.

In Its Truest Form. Summary: "Love in its truest form has no language or words; it just has a thousand and one actions we all wish we could describe." Team. PG. 3129 words.

Anything You Can Do. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Daniel, Paul Davis. Sharing crappy experiences over beers." Set post-series. PG. 1295 words.

Shooting the Breeze. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Cam, Teal'c. Spending downtime off world." S9-10. PG. 3136 words.

On the Land or the Deep. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Jack, Colonel Reynolds. 'We make mistakes, people die.'" S8. PG. 2197 words.

Cura Te Ipsum. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Sam, Janet. Sam asks Janet for training in medical procedures." Late S1/Early S2. PG. 1403 words.

Search and Rescue. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Sam, Vala. Saving the guys." S10. 4442 words.

What Can Be Untied. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Daniel, Sam. Five times they struggled to reconnect." Spans series. PG. 3953 words.

Change in Command. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Jack, Teal'c. Jack uses Teal'c's experience as a general (AKA First Prime) to solve a problem." S3 or S4. PG. 6563 words.

One For the Team. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Cam, Vala. 'Congratulations. Now you really are one of us.'" S10. PG. 1709 words.

Boom Boom, Boom Boom. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Jack, Sam. The joy of making things go *boom*" Late S4. PG. 1361 words.

Iron in the Fire. SG1Friendathon Frenzy. Summary: "Cam, Daniel. Initiation." Mid S9, after "Ripple Effect" (9.13). G. 633 words.

Home and Hearth. SG1Friendathon Frenzy. Summary: "Jack, Teal'c. 'For this you can stay at my place!'" Post "Bloodlines" (1.12). PG. 1869 words.

Quick Lessons in Cat Herding. SG1Friendathon Frenzy. Summary: "Cam, Jack. Herding cats." Missing scene from "The Shroud" (10.14). G. 1108 words.

Handful of Dust. Summary: "Vignettes of Jonas in the wake of Langara's fall. Ways things might have gone." Set during S10 - post-series. PG. 2480 words.

Presidential Pardon. Summary: "Jack and Sam get together - with the blessing of a friend in a high place." Post series. PG. 1158 words.

Fighting Dirty. Summary: "A recon mission goes a little astray and things get a bit... dirty. Good ol' fashioned teamy goodness." Early seasons. PG. 1219 words.

The Right Tools For the Job. Summary: "GENERAL HAMMOND. IN THE MALP BAY. WITH A WRENCH." Prompt-fic. PG. 2512 words.

Scientists at Play. Summary: "Sam and Daniel being the Wonder Twins." Prompt-fic. PG. 3213 words.
Under a Cloudless Sky. Summary: "Alt-Sam tracks down alt-Daniel... The leftovers of what might-have-been SG-1, and where they go from there." Prompt-fic. AU, set in the alt-verse of "Point of View" (3.6). PG-13. 3576 words.

Hammond Had No Idea. Summary: "Prompt fic from 'Fighting Dirty': Five Times Hammond Had No Idea What Could Have Possibly Accounted for the State of SG-1 When They Came Back Through the Gate and SG-1 Were Less Than Forthcoming With the Information." PG-13. 1666.

Mnemonic. Summary: "'A memory is what is left behind when something happens and does not completely unhappen.' - Edward de Bono." Set post "Collateral Damage" (9.12) and "Stronghold" (9.14). PG-13. 1843 words.

Between Two Waves of the Sea.
Summary: "They have lived more days than they remember. They have lived many lives." PG. 908 words.

Lesser of Two Evils. Summary: "Teal'c vs. the Star Wars sequels." Prompt-fic. PG. 1407 words.

Z is for Zero. Summary: "He cannot calculate his life without zero." For Cam Alphabet Soup as part of SG-1 Gen Fic Day. Set during "Flesh and Blood" (10.1). PG. 1143 words.

Look Me In the Stars. Summary: "He has been able to pick up where he left off before. This time he gets to start over." Clone!Jack O'Neill post "Fragile Balance" (7.3). PG. 1510 words.

Close Encounters. Summary: "One day, Jack meets a strange man." Clone!Jack O'Neill. Crossover with Doctor Who. PG. 1684 words.

D is for Doubt. Summary: "Bra'tac knows doubt all too well." Written for Gen Fic Day's Bra'tac (and Jaffa) Alphabet Soup. G. 658 words.

Dal Niente. Summary: "Dal niente - from nothing; out of silence." Teal'c, Samantha Carter. Set during "Unending" (10.20). PG. 3246 words. (Sequel: Reprise.)

Star Light, Star Bright. Summary: "Their destinies were written in the stars." Various characters. Spoilers for the series. PG. 1199 words.

A Loss Threefold. Summary: "Teal'c takes Sha're from Daniel Jackson three times." Teal'c and Daniel Jackson. Spoilers for the series, specifically in relation to "Children of the Gods" (1.1), "Forever in a Day" (3.10), and Fallen (7.1). PG-13. 827 words.

N is for Nautical. Summary: "Lionel Pendergast was not made for the sea." Mild spoilers for the series, major for the character. PG-13. 1426 words.

Picking Up the Pieces. Summary: "She is coming back into herself slowly but surely." Sarah Gardner. PG-13. 1208 words.

Thursday's Child. Summary: "She never planned to give birth on a spaceship, thousands of light years from Earth. But life has never gone quite the way she planned, and this is no exception." Samantha Carter. Post-series. AU. PG-13. 5680 words.

Man's Best Friend. SG1Friendathon. Summary: "Jack and Janet. Misadventures with Cassie's dog." PG. 3796 words.

G is for Godparent. Summary: "For the SG-1 Gen Fic Day On-World Alphabet Soup!" Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c. Spoilers for the series. PG. 3001 words.

Reprise. Summary: "Reprise - repeat a phrase or verse; return to the original theme." Teal'c, Samantha Carter. Set after "Unending" (10.20). Sequel to Dal Niente. PG. 3115 words.

S is for Second Chance. Summary: "Teal'c and Jonas and second chances. For the SG-1 Gen Fic Day Friendship Alphabet Soup!" PG. 1766 words.

Those Who Wait. Summary: "Waiting is always the hardest part. Fill in fic for the Friendship Alphabet Soup!" Tealc, Janet Fraiser. PG. 1613 words.

F is for Future Tense. Summary: "George and the past and the future." For the SG-1 Gen Fic Day Alphabet Soup. George Hammond. PG. 2111 words.

U is for Utopia. Summary: "The team gets a little time off, off-world." For the SG-1 Gen Fic Day Off-World Alphabet Soup. Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c. PG. 2195 words.

Something in the Blood. Summary: "A vein of naquadah runs through the bedrock of her life." Samantha Carter. Spoilers for the series. PG. 5654 words.

To Stand in the Sun. Summary: "When Teal'c misses check-in, the team goes after him. What Sam finds doesn't match what she feels." Samantha Carter. Set during "The Changeling" (6.19). PG-13. 2064 words.



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